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Trades Unlimited provides quality roofing services in the Glendale Region. Our team of certified contractors solve both common and complex problems with any type of roof. We accurately locate and effectively repair leaks in flat roofs, tile, shingle, and foam roofs. Whether your house has been leaking since it was built, just recently began having issues, or you’ve installed a brand new roof without successful resolution, Trades Unlimited can help. We offer free in-home consultations and estimates, and take the time to pinpoint the cause of the leak, rather than just cover it up.

High Quality Roofing Services

We are frequently called when homeowners are frustrated because of poor service from careless, inexperienced, or less qualified contractors. Unfortunately, if you put your trust in the wrong company, you may end up with a brand new roof, a large bill, and the same old leaks. The problem could potentially get worse.

Choosing The Right Contractors
Improper roofing procedures often lead to issues with moisture. It’s also possible that your leaks are not caused by your roof at all. Because Trades Unlimited approaches the entire home envelope, utilizes broader thinking, and accurately pinpoints flaws beyond the roof alone, we provide successful and lasting results. In other words, you can rest assured, we don’t install a new roof if replacing the flashing around windows would solve your leak. We stick to the exact problem and provide effective service.

Call Trades Unlimited for all your roofing installations or repairs!

Founded in 1994, Trades Unlimited continues to build on a reputation for outstanding customer dedication, quality materials, skilled workmanship, and superior value from our services. Homeowners across Scottsdale, AZ choose and recommend Trades Unlimited because we determine the ideal solution and provide trusted results. For roofing done right, call Trades Unlimited at 480.483.1775.

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